Beauty isn’t just about covering and changing the surface, it's making you FEEL beautiful, whatever that means to you. If you want to enhance what you already have, or walk out looking like a new person, it’s all about how you feel inside and that’s what I aim to achieve. My passion in this industry grows with every person I meet. From eyelashes, to facials, to makeup, and beyond, I want to do whatever I can to make sure you are feeling and looking your best. I offer an array of beauty services so you can really get everything you want for your skin and beauty needs. I’m always adding new services as I take classes and certifications and come up with new ideas. This is an ever-changing industry and I like to keep up. I have worked with every age, skin tone, ethnicity and skin concern. Beauty and style doesn’t have an expiration date either, I think even if you are in your 70s, there’s no reason to not get those lash extensions if you really want them. We are all on this crazy life journey, so why not feel and look beautiful during it? 

A bit about me and how I landed here: As a pre-teen during sleepovers with girlfriends, I would always want to give them makeovers. I loved watching the talk shows that did makeovers (shout-out to Sally Jessy Raphael), the segments in movies that gave someone a makeover (another shout-out to 'She's Out of Control'). I grew up in the 80's and 90's (clearly, based on my shout-outs) and have watched the styles, fashion, and beauty industry change tremendously; and come back around. I've always had an interest in makeup, even before I was allowed to wear it. I finally decided to pursue the beauty industry professionally, but beyond just the makeup, and into skincare. While in school I had that feeling of “This is where I am supposed to be”. I am a licensed esthetician and certified lash technician. I am licensed in two states (Michigan, where I am from, and South Carolina, where I relocated to and now reside) and available for makeup bookings in both. I have worked on photo-shoots, fashion shows, pageants, and weddings as well as working in a couple salons offering esthetic services, spray tanning, and more. Every day of work is more like giving makeovers to my girlfriends again. I'm just enjoying this ride taking the twists and turns one tube of lipstick and eye serum at a time.